In Florida, is it really illegal to drive barefoot?

So, this afternoon, my marketing girl mentioned there was a discussion on facebook about barefoot driving in Florida.  She swore it was illegal, that she remembered that law specifically from high school driver’s ed.  She shot me an email to ask and mentioned it would be a great blog post as “inquiring barefoot Floridans want to know”….

After careful review, I was unable to find any statute that directly states that driving barefoot or without shoes is “illegal.” That said, however, there might be civil ramifications for driving without shoes such as where the driver is found by a law enforcement officer to be careless for not wearing shoes and cited with say careless driving if say the driver’s foot slipped off the brake.

So there you have it…..

From what I can find, it’s not illegal to drive barefoot in Florida.

Safe driving.


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